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Wane by Somiya

Located at the heart of the Dubai Marina, Wane by Somiya is a luxury pool club and lounge.

Providing a sense of European laid-back glamour in a tropical setting, the venue has a lot to offer. We have marina skyline views, a 45 metre infinity pool, lounges, sunbeds, and cabanas. This is your perfect getaway in an urban environment.


Once you have worked up a thirst in the sun, enjoy a refreshing variety of cocktails. Allow your tastebuds to experience the flavours of mediterranean and asian cuisines. ​​You will relish in the creations made by the chefs, and bartenders, on our team.


Experience our live performances. dancers, acrobats, and fire shows. Enjoy the urban music ranging from House, RNB, Afro beats and more. We host world renown artists such as Dadju, Gimms, and Khaled. The outdoor space might be a laid back pool experience one moment, and a stage to private shows and the longest catwalk in the world. All in the middle of our pool.


Wane by Somiya touches every facet of a luxury lifestyle. We combine entertainment, dining, fashion, and art to give you a full-of-life experience. Open daily, we can’t wait to provide you with live entertainment and amazing talent.


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